Custom Products Information

Custom Product and Art Policy.

Logo Drop-In - + $40 –

This is where we place your logo into one of our exciting designs that is digitally printed on a seat cover or graphic kit. You must provide a file that has the logo already sized correctly to print on the product. PSD files are the best for us. We can use other files but they might not have the resolution that you will need to get a clear image. This process must be order though email or over the phone. We do require 50% deposit before starting any logo drop-in. This deposit will be none refundable.

Custom Stencil - + $40 –

This is where we make a logo or font in to a stencil and paint it on a seat cover. We use a ink that is made for Marine Grade Vinyl, Not Gripper. We will need to know the style of lettering and exact size needed. We offer the ink in Black, Red, Blue, and White.You will need to place order by phone or email. We do require 50% deposit before starting any Custom Stencil. This deposit will be none refundable. This deposit will be none refundable

Custom Color Change – N/C –

You can have us change the background color of one of our existing designs to match your vehicle at no cost. We do not guarantee the color to match. We will try our hardest. If the color needs to me exact you will need to send us in the mail a sample of a color. We can not guarantee that a image on your computer or phone will be the same color as on ours.

You Design it. We print it. Graphic Kits - + 80 -

We'll supply a make/model template that you can digitally layout your design into and send back to us on disk (CD or Data DVD). Please Contact us to receive template, instructions and file format requirements. (Due to us supplying our template in advance we do require a 100% deposit for this service. Sale of this service is final and no refunds will be given.)

We Turn Your Artwork into a Graphics Kit – Price Quote Only –

You submit your artwork to us, either on disk or on paper, and we'll lay it out into specified make/model template. Includes 5 hours of design, layout & file preparation time, one item printed, laminated & contour cut. Please contact us for artwork specifications and instructions. (4 to 8 weeks)

Complete Custom Creation – Price Quote Only -

From concept to completion... We'll take your ideas and create your graphics from scratch. Includes commissioned artist, image/graphic acquisitions, design time, layout & file preparation time, which includes arranging the artwork elements into one of our existing make/model templates, one item printed, laminated & contour cut. (6 to 8 weeks)Additional items printed, laminated & contour cut will need to be quoted. All items will need to be quoted buy a MotoGHG team member. We usually allow for 2 to 3 proofing sessions which consists of us emailing you a jpeg version of your artwork and you replying with approval or changes. 50% deposit required on all custom work unless otherwise noted.

Custom Design Graphics, Seat covers, Shock Covers, Graphic Kits – Price Quote Only –

MotoGHG staffs in house artist. There for we can produce custom art. This is quoted buy time and difficulty level. The more art provided in a photo shop psd file the cheaper the project will be. We would need written documents for copy right logos before production starts. All art will be email for viewing before printing. All custom art will need a 100 percent deposit for 50art or designing of the art. The costumer will receive all end product art on a disk to do as they wish, Any product printed will need service. Sale of this service is final and no refunds will be given.

Custom foam reconditioning and height - + 30 – We can fix damage to seat foam, also we can increase the height. We will add foam to any damaged part of seat. Also we will can add form to top of seat. We then over the entire seat. (Just Like installing foam cover). This foam is 7/16 of a inch. It is soft foam. This will smooth out the damaged or uneven foam and makes it look like new. Customer will need to pay for shipping to MotoGHG and Back to Customer. It will need to be at MotoGHG for about 5 days. Please call or email before shipping for we know it is coming.

Installation, Seat Cover – N/C –

Shop install only. Shows or events will be a $15 Dollar install fee. MotoGHG will need the seat for about 5 days for install. All seats shipped to MotoGHG must have note with name, number and email. All shipping cost will be paid buy customer. Please put in return shipping label in box. This way there will be no more money exchanged. If this is not possible we will call for credit card number when we do return shipping. We have been installing motorcycle and atv seats for 13 years. We have done thousands. We are second to none.